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Air Charters  
When time is a critical factor and your cargo needs to move from point A to point B with the shortest transit time, you will need a charter company, who are highly experienced and capable of performing such operations under heavy pressure.

You will need a charter company which can guarantee results quickly.   A service provider who will provide complete Freight management plus Air charter solution under one roof. Your search for such a company ends at Airglow Aviation Services.

Airglow Aviation provides reliable Air Charter solutions for clients at short notice to all parts of the world. We specialize in sourcing Passenger & Cargo Aircrafts for various situations. We analyse your route, payload and transit time and propose the most suitable aircraft for your logistical needs. We offer part-charters, backloads and other innovative solutions for ad hoc, peak season and project cargo.

Our air charter team has handled

  • Heavy, over size shipment charters
  • Special Oil Field charters
  • Live animals charters
  • Perishable charters 
  • Hazardous cargo charters
  • Automotive charters
  • Industrial project cargo charters
  • Relief charters
  • Exhibition and Event Management charters.
  • AOG charters
  • Passengers charters

Our clientele include governments, tourists, freight forwarders, travel agents, industrial companies, sports charter companies, event management companies and relief agencies.

Aircraft Leasing
Airglow leasing specialises in providing Dry and Wet Lease solutions to its customer within the region at the most reasonable prices. Our extensive database of airlines and aircraft operators enables us to achieve this status.

Our experts will check on the availability and select the most ideal Aircraft from our extensive database that matches your logistical requirements, budget and period of operation.

Heavy Oversize Shipment Charters
There are times when you need to move Heavy oversize cargo, which does not fit inside the normal conventional aircraft such as Boeing 747Freighters. For such shipments we organise AN124 or AN225 or Illusions. Apart from arranging the aircraft we also work with the Ground handler to organise special equipments to load and offload the cargo from the aircrafts.

Special Oil Field Charters
Oilfield equipments are not only urgent but also Heavy & oversized, We at Airglow understand this very well, and hence maintain a maximum 36 hour completion time from uplift to delivery.

Live Animals Charters
Uplifting live animals by air is a delicate, complicated and tedious process. A lot of paper work and transit permits are required to move such shipments. We, at Airglow, are trained and experienced to handle such requests, and we do so smoothly and effectively.

Perishable Charters
When it comes to perishable handling, time and physical handling becomes the most critical aspect of such operations. We at Airglow understand this, and we plan our operations such that, cargo cool chain is maintained right from build-up of cargo to offloading at destination airport.

Hazardous Cargo Charters
Airlifting Hazardous cargo is the speciality of Airglow Aviation. Our DG qualified charter professionals make the entire process look very simple and fast. We refer to an in house checklist which ensures that all permission and overfly permits are obtained well before the charter is activated.

Automotive Charters
Be it Formula One charters or cars moving for U.N peace keeping mission, we do it all with great precision. Our staff is well trained to handle non-standard loading, which enables us to handle more cars per flight.

Industrial Project Charters
We move industrial fixtures by Air, which mean if you need to move your manufacturing plant  from  one country to another, we will provide the most reliable and cost effective solution.

Relief Charters
We are well equipped to handle Relief charters all over the world. With different types of aircraft at our disposal  we can offer the best solution when handling relief goods. This also goes in line with our objectives to support the environments we work in.

Exhibition And Event Management Charters
Airglow offers one stop shop for all your exhibitions and event management requests. We can provide total freight management solutions such as packing, trucking and airlift from one place to another.

All Types Of Passengers Charters Including Private Jets
Airglow provide passenger charters for government delegates, tourists, celebrities, travel agents, sport charter companies and event management companies at the most reasonable prices.

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